A1 MkI Automatic

Otosan R&D department was working on new models with the leadership of Jan Nahum, son of Bernard Nahum, head of Koc Automotive Group.
Otosan has developped an "automatic transmission" version of A1 MkI in 1971 and introduced at Ege Makina showroom in Izmir.

This version, called Anadol "de Luxe", was also offering new front seats, bar facility at the back seats, new leather seat covers, RPM indicators, as well as a Lucas ampermeter and Smiths oil indicators were installed on the dashboard, etc...

The body was surrounded by a nickeling band and the top was covered by "vinyl", as  applied to the model A1 MkII later.

However, this version had never been mass produced and stayed as prototype.

Unfortunately, we have only the below photos and newpaper clipping for this prototype...