Forget Ferrari, be happy with Anadol...

Robin Sharma, the world's most famous life coach and author of "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" has been in Istanbul Turkey, for the presentation of his new book. During his interview, he drove an Anadol and found the car very "cool" and said "Forget Ferrari, be happy with Anadol. Capture the moment with plenty of dishes with chat, eat more respect for your work" he says.


Is every human being has the potential to be a leader?
- Absolutely. However, the understanding of the new leadership mentioned here. The most important elements of leadership, old-fashioned 'command, ie a certain title, position. If I put out my understanding of the new model of leadership, relevant to every human being the leader of his own life. Teacher, pilot, chef, cleaner, no matter what your business is a work of Picasso approaches must proceed with care. Speaks volumes about creativity, and respect for yourself as well as what you are doing if you can afford to change things in the world sooner or later. And this is also reflected in private life. Most of us choose to play the victim in this life. I'm not a victim loser, why should I live it?


Talk about the power of personal development books to've always dreamed of. Is it true?
- He said such books, use your brain in different methods. If you imagine something, your brain will be channeled to him. After all there are many factors that can disrupt our concentration in our daily lives. I looked deposit for a particular purpose, try to get her take more efficiency. But in my books, a lot of work to underline the point, regarding methods of dream realization. If you want to be healthy, according to him fed, play sports, take good care of yourself. Sit in your house, 'Oh if I were in a fit, "he would not be dreaming of this business. If you want to bang about your career, develop creative ideas, try a lot, it's that simple. So imagine then sit down, then I come to your door 'magic' is not a method.

So what's the magic method?
- I think it's important to make a difference every day. "Today was like that tomorrow, gracious God" instead of saying all of your potential every day to bring your business to invest and become a principle. Picasso, see Nelson Mandela or Roger Federer's life: dedication, hard work, creativity, discipline, and even around the world can not be successful without a little obsessed.

Do not have to factor in the effect of chance in life?
- If you apply those fields every day, you will see the opening of a sudden in with a chance. Create your own fate.

Are you happy in general?
- Depends on the day. In general, sayılabilirim happy, but not every minute. Need not be one anyway. Köreltebilir a lot of people happy. Impulse that motivates us, 'pursue happiness' instinct. Completely're happy, does not enforce limits, eyes darken soyunmazsınız more dangerous jobs.

Do I have the money for peace of mind?
- People with income of $ 75 thousand a year, up and down, read a study recently that they are more than happy to billionaires. Because I have a lot of money, got a problem. Entering under a lot of stress and responsibility. A certain amount of freedom in order to have a certain income should be. But worships money, and eventually find yourself in a large space is inevitable.

Answers to the questions people ask you about constantly waiting for happiness or success. Are you really everything is solved?
- I thought I knew the answers to all the questions now, iPad'imi off, leave it to write. When you think that you are a master at work, on the road again with a different apprentice olmuşsunuzdur already. I have reached success in their lives, something that examines the lives of people managed, using what methods they put out.

Work that 'fate in Discover Julian Monk recommend to you, but you refuse Ferrari. Ferrari was out of fashion?
- 8-10 years ago, I wrote those books as well. 'Ferrari Selling been in a different spirit wise and subsequent writing other books. At that time hanging out with more philosophical, questioning the meaning of life was a movie. But a new book, 'How can a person achieves success rather than the Leader unvans and give answers to the question how to be happy. 'Fate in Discover "road map for our absolute destiny?" Looking for answers to the question. Now, if such a thing to chew. Now I'd be good at my job, to help people, learn new things, spending time with my family, taking care of my health. I used was in constant spiritual journeys. Unnecessary waste of time. You reflect on them, the real moments where you can miss those days.

Cars that do not necessarily cool to happiness. Anadol'la also be able to find peace of mind, huh?
- Anadol enjoyed your say. Very 'cool' has an air of. It was also nice embarks, are creating new memories with your loved ones, you use this car the way you respect and love, what more could you want in a job